About this website.

The purpose of this site is to provide a visual list of the Masonic Lodges in Scotland on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The information provided is as accurate as possible and can be obtained from various other sources, online and offline.

N.B. Please do not contact us to ask for personal information regarding any member (past or present) of the Lodges listed on this site, we will not provide any. We are also unable to forward any information onto any Lodge, or make arrangements for anyone to visit any lodge on any date, they should be contacted direct in such cases.
If you are trying to find out more about a relative, we are unable to provide details on any individual who is, or may have been a member of any Masonic Lodge. Please go here for some useful links, or contact the Lodges direct.


The markers on the map pinpointing each lodge are only for visual purposes and not exact place markers. The addresses for each lodge has been geo-coded using Googles geo-coding service and accuracy is limited to the contents of thier database and the supplied addresses. If you notice something that is incorrect please use the contact form and we will aim to rectify it. Some lodges are currently not listed, as the addresses cant be geo-coded, but hope to have them included soon. This site has no affiliation to the Grand Lodge of Scotland or any of the Lodges listed within.